Britannia: Session 1


Four aspiring adventurers from across the realm of Britannia have convened a party on the city island of Moonglow. Two more are expected to join.

Members include: Gringol Dread, a dwarf ranger, Marima, an elven wizard along with her leopard familiar Randiriel, Sargath Thickskull, a half-orc barbarian, and Smite, a half-elf paladin.

While the background of each member still largely remains a mystery, each brings a decidedly unique style to the party. No one knows why they have been brought to the island, each given a nearly identical letter and free passage, bidding them to make the trip for the survival of their future and promising glory and riches. While the members of the party do not know one another, each has had visions of the others all as one group in a large battle taking place in what was once thought to be a lost city. They arrived and upon seeing one another and comparing letters, concluded that they must travel to Britain to meet a man named Joris. Due to the two missing party members, whose letters hold clues about their journey, they are unaware of what cause brings them to the realm’s capital.

The group is currently working to make enough money to buy passage to the mainland.

Looking for easy money, the group turned to a wanted poster outside the city’s bank and found a man named Dorai who is wanted by a wealthy merchant in town named Peren. After a brief visit with Peren, the group discovers that the ultimate target is a small chest with unknown contents which is believed to be in Dorai’s possession, who is holed up on the southern end of the island with at least two others. They are told that Dorai is well known for his silver cloak.

During the group’s visit with Peren, Sargath offends him and is cast out of the building, told never to return.

The adventurers set out to retrieve the chest and along the way cross paths with two men. After a heated exchange between between the groups a deal is struck for the two men to lead the party to a building where Dorai is currently located after it is learned that they know Dorai. As the men lead the group through the woods, some members of the party decide to alter the deal and require the men to help fight Dorai and his companions before they are paid, which briefly leads to weapons being drawn before the two men withdraw back to the city, but not before one states “Peren will not be pleased with how you have treated us!”

The group continues on, not far from a building which stands right at the edge of the island in a clearing with the front facing the woods, and back to the ocean. While the rest of the party remains in the woods, Smite charges the front door and unsuccessfully attempts to break it down twice. At this point the rest of the party begins charging the building to aid their companion, who has lost his step during an attempt to bash the door and has collapsed.

Randiriel makes it to the building first and waits momentarily before scaling its wooden wall to the roof to scout out the area. As she reaches the top, three men are seen shoving away from shore in a boat.

Meanwhile the rest of the party is quickly approaching the building and Gringol smashes through the door using his momentum. He races to a back door as Marima’s leopard charges for the men in the boat. As he opens the door he see’s the great cat leap from the shore and land in the boat, but she is quickly met with heavy blows to the head from oars and a mace as she lands, quickly being knocked out of the boat.

The rest of the group makes it to the edge of the shore and quickly fires several arrows at the escaping boat, severely wounding one and dealing significant damage to another. However the boat rows out of reach of their bows, Dorai unharmed. As a parting slight, Sargath pulls his cock out and waves it at the boat, to which he hears the response of faint laughter on the ocean air.

Randiriel is pulled from the ocean and brought back from the brink of death.

After a brief search of the building turns up nothing but a map which appears to point to a location on another island, the group heads back to town in hopes of making it there before dark. On their way back, an elf-like figure is seen sprinting through the forest, however they quickly lose sight of it.

Upon returning to town the group heads back to Peren’s, save for Sargath, who instead ventures into the local tavern.

Once inside, he decides sneak behind the bar and steal any gold he can find. He successfully makes it behind the bar and grabs a bag of gold, however two dwarves notice him coming back from around and confront him. They offer to take the gold off his hands in exchange for not roughing him up. Sargath pulls his axe, but is immediately taken to the floor by the two battle-hardened dwarves. As he looks up the last thing he sees is the barkeep planting her foot in his face.

Back to the other members of the party, they step inside Peren’s and immediately notice they are surrounded by five fully armored guards.

Peren comes downstairs and welcomes them back before expressing his displeasure with the group being hostile towards his two employees and reneging on their deal. He then asks that they turn over the map they found, which is being held by Marima. Smite demands Peren explain how he knows about the map, however Peren declines and then demands that they give him the map immediately. Marima hesitates and attempts to memorize the map before one of the guards charges towards her and attempts to grab the map. She momentarily keeps it from his grasp, but then opts to turn it over, feeling confident that she has memorized it well enough. Time will tell if she did.

The guard hands the map to Peren, who looks it over before telling the group that they’ll still be retrieving his chest, but because of their actions they’ll be doing so free of charge, otherwise it will be their faces on wanted posters hanging in the city.

The group leaves Peren’s and immediately notices their companion Sargath has been placed in the stocks near the center of town.

To be continued…


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