Britannia: Session 2


After failing their first mission and now in debt to a local strongman, the group finds one of their companions in the stocks near the center of town.

Having just left Peren’s the group makes their way to the stocks and inquires to a guard what is happening. They learn that Sargath attempted to rob a local tavern and that he will be in the local jail for at least the near future. The rest of the party members decide to retire for the night.

The next morning a woman, Lorna, approaches them and asks if they are for hire, telling them that her husband is missing and fears that he may be dead. The group inquires further about the job and the woman explains that she will pay them to either bring back her husband, or proof of his death in the form of a locket. She explains that he had been having nightmares ever since their son died, and in each dream he would come back from the dead. He ended up being obsessed with the idea, and one night he left, his wife suspects, for the local tombs to bring back their son.

The party agrees to take on the job, and to help with their efforts, the woman provides them with two silver swords.

A brief trek to the local graveyard and the group quickly finds the entrance to the tombs. They would find the husband’s body, but also two skeletal creatures and two wraiths, the latter assumed to be the father and son reunited. On the husband’s body a search turns up the locket, and also a magical wand.

They return to Lorna, who owns a local herbal shop, to bring her the news. As they make their way into town however they notice a commotion. The large building at the center of town which was once Peren’s was partially engulfed in flames, the rest smoldering. In the street lie a dead body, Peren himself.

From what the group could gather, men in silver cloaks killed Peren and set fire to the building. They had been searching for something, but seemingly left empty-handed.

They then speak with Lorna and show her the locket. Visibly sad, but having already come to terms with what she had suspected, she thanks the group and tells them to keep the swords. She then pays the 100 gold for the job, and asks if they found anything else while there. After a brief hesitation, the group’s paladin, Smite, lies and tells the woman no. She thanks them for their services and the group leaves.

Now with enough money on hand, the group heads for the docks and secures passage to the mainland. Setting sail the next day, our adventurers arrive in Vesper, a coastal city built primarily on piers over the water.

Before setting out the next day, the group ventures into a local tavern where a very pervy bartender attempts to seduce Smite by offering rooms in exchange for a night with her. She declines and after several rounds the group leaves and makes camp towards the edge of town. During the night Smite is awoken by someone nearby pissing on a building and realizes it is the bartender from before, who is extremely drunk.

He says hello, somewhat surprised to see her, and asks if she’s still interested in his offer. After quickly looking around, Smite smashes the hilt of her sword into his head, knocking him unconscious, and then steals his belongings.

The next day they set out for Britain where they are to meet a man named Joris, and before long they must make a decision. Take the short way which leads through a swamp, or the long way around a mountain, but much safer. The group opts for the short way. The first day passes without issue and early the second day they arrive at the edge of a swamp. Marima’s leopard familiar Randiriel is visibly disturbed as they make their way inward.

After a long uneventful trudge the group makes it out of the swamp and then sets up camp. Taking turns at watch, the night is peaceful. The following day they make haste for Britain where they expect to arrive that afternoon. A brief encounter on the road by a ratman with a bow is quickly taken care of and they continue on their way.

As they reach Britain they notice the town is brimming with excitement. Getting further in they hear a town crier announcing that the king, Lord British, will be making an announcement very soon that day.

The group makes their way to the castle and stands with a large crowd. The king appears on the wall just above the drawbridge and begins to speak. It’s hard to make out what he’s saying but the group catches part of it, something about internal conflict and that all true Britannians must stand together to fight for the realm against those who would seek to make it their own. As he gets to the height of his speech, the king bursts into flames and suddenly disappears.

Panic ensues as guards rush back into the castle and the drawbridge is raised.

The city is hot with people clamoring about what just occurred.

The group takes this opportunity to seek out Jorin, and after asking around find their way to a building located in the northern part of town. They announce themselves at the door and are invited in. A woman says “greetings, Jorin is expecting you, he will be down momentarily.”

To be continued…


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