Britannia: Session 3


Having arrived in the capital city of Britain and witnessing the king bursting into flames and disappearing, the party at last meets with Joris.

Joris introduces himself as the guild master of the Federation of Order guilds and explains that he foresaw the events that have just unfolded with the king.

The realm has already begun breaking into factions. There are the True Britannians, who represent the king’s guard and are identified by their blue cloaks. The Shadow Lords, who are based in the northeastern region near Yew, wearing black cloaks. Minax, which has arisen from power within the city of Trinsic, wearing silver cloaks. Then there are the Council of Mages, formerly a scholarly group based in Magincia, which wears orange cloaks.

Joris tells the group that with the king gone, the balance of power is easily swayed. To help bring the realm back under control of the throne until the king returns, they must gather the sigils, which are powerful orbs, one for each city. When three of the orbs are brought together they possess strong magical powers.

He also introduces Lysander, a bard, who will be the group’s guide for their journey. Also introduced is a half-orc monk who the local monastery has sent at the request of Joris.

He sends the group to elven city of Yew to meet with Lady Aarai and deliver to her a letter which will provide them with the means to retrieve the Sigil of Yew. Provided with horses and supplies for the trip, the party sets out however they are ambushed along the road. They easily dispatch the 6 brigands and are on their way. On the first night of their three day journey the group is set upon by a pack of wolves. Two of the wolves are easily killed while Lysander holds the rest of the pack at bay and eventually turns them away.

On the third day the group passes by a man on horseback who says he is heading towards Britain. He advises the group to be careful of the Shadow Lords, who are crawling all over Yew, apparently searching for something.

As the group makes their way into Yew, a captain with the Shadow Lords unit there questions the group about their intent in town. He eventually allows them to pass, however the group is unable to tell if he is suspicious of their activities.

They arrive at Lady Aarai’s and deliver Joris’ letter. There they discover that their previously imprisoned companion Sargath Thickskull is waiting for them.

She tells the group that they must seek out Mathis, an old mage, who lives on the outskirts of town. He has the sigil and must be escorted back to Lady Aarai’s keep. She gives them a letter for Mathis that will certify who they are.

Not wanting to raise any suspicion, the group travels to Mathis’ home through the woods around town. Once there, Mathis informs them that he has hidden the sigil in the Caverns of Shame, but will help them retrieve it. The group insists that they go back to Lady Aarai’s before they go for the caverns.

As the group leaves the home, they are immediately set upon by a band of Shadow Lords. They are easily killed, however one who was on horseback escapes, heading back for town. One of the men surrenders and begs for his life. After some debate, he is knocked out and taken back to Lady Aarai’s, however she is extremely unhappy that they have brought the soldier to her keep. The group decides to take him into the woods and leave him there without any footwear.

Mathis is unhappy with the group, saying that they have led the Shadow Lords to his home and he will now be unable to return. He refuses to lead them through the caverns but agrees to tell Lysander how to get there and where to find the sigil.

The group makes their way to the entrance of the caverns and makes camp for the night. Deathly howls and moans are heard from the distance throughout the night and Lysander tells the party that the sounds come from Reapers, who should not be a problem, but they should not go towards them.

After sunrise the group ties up their horses and heads into the entrance for the Caverns of Shame, which is known to be a magical plain for earth elementals.

To be continued…


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