Britannia: Session 4


The party has arrived at the Caverns of Shame, seeking out the hidden Sigil of Yew, and begins their descent into a world of earth elementals. They must make it down to a second level to retrieve their prize.

Led by their ranger Gringol Dread, it isn’t far in that the group makes their first contact with a small earth elemental, which they easily dispatch. The battle is noisy though, and other creatures that may be nearby will likely have heard the commotion.

There are two paths leading forward, and their guide Lysander says that they can make it to their destination by taking either one. The group chooses the shortest path and heads father in with nothing but torches and a lantern to light the way in an otherwise pitch-black cave. They soon make it to a large opening, which they believe on the other side lies a path leading downward to a second level.

Moving into the room they encounter 5 more earth elementals, some which are far bigger then the first one. The group choose to take them head on and plunges into battle. During the struggle, another earth elemental comes up from behind the group and engages their bard in combat. The bard is able to calm the monster though. They would ultimately be victorious, but not before their barbarian Sargath Thickskull is pounded to death.

The group makes the decision to push forward, and on their way back out they will take Sargath’s body with them to a shrine in hopes that he may be resurrected.

They locate the chest which holds the sigil, however an extremely large earth elemental looms nearby. The group’s monk decides that it would be best if he could sneak in and grab the sigil without alerting the monster. He successfully sneaks up to the chest and inspects it. Satisfied that he is able to open it, he quickly throws open the lid and is met with an explosive trap. After regaining his bearings, he decides to quickly grab the sigil and make a run for it. As he removes the sigil however he is sprayed with acid.

The explosion has drawn the attention of the earth elemental, which has made it’s way over to attack the monk. As the monk makes a run for it, a colossal hit from the earth elemental is barely escaped. He comes streaking past the rest of the party, who decides to follow suit. They outrun it and quickly grab Sargath’s body on the way out.

From there they make the decision to ride south as fast as possible to drop off the sigil and head for the Shrine of Spirituality, the closest shrine that isn’t in the Shadow Lord’s territory. The part has seven days before Sargath can no longer be resurrected.

After a half day ride, they come to a bay which meets with the side of the mountain, making it impossible to pass to the other side. They realize that they must head back for the pass they originally came through. Nightfall comes soon though and they make camp. During the night they hear the deathly howls and moans once more and decide to double up on their watch. Slightly fatigued the next day, they make it to the pass, through the mountains, and back on to the road before soon having to make camp for the night.

During the night the party discovers a direwolf circling their camp. With the help of Lysander’s calming music and much effort, Gringol is able to become friendly with the wolf. For most of the night the wolf keeps its eyes locked on Mirima’s leopard. At one point the party hears something and the direwolf sprints into the forest, later coming back with blood around its muzzle.

Another day of hard riding brings the group back to the mountain passage to Britain where they meet a group of True Britannians on the road. After a brief exchange between Lysander and the captain of the outfit, two soldiers are sent with the party to escort them to the shrine. They make camp on the outskirts of Britain as Lysander heads into the city to give Joris the sigil.

Come morning the group is ready to head out once more but when Lysander makes it back he urges them to meet with Joris before leaving.

As they meet with him, the group is paid and given another mission. They are to head to Skara Brae and seek out an innkeeper named Savannah. She will give them details on how to retrieve the Sigil of Skara Brae.

They quickly gather supplies in town and ride for the shrine, which isn’t located very far from their final destination. Upon arrival a woman greets them and invites them to relax. She tells them the resurrection process will take a half day. Later that evening Sargath take his first breath in four days.

After resting through the night, the group sets out through the forest to make their way to Skara Brae. Along the way they run into an ettin and engage in combat with it. During this a second ettin comes out of the forest and following it is the direwolf that Gringol has befriended.

Felling the first ettin, the party turns its attention to the second, which is currently being fought by the direwolf. Mirima sends her leopard into the fray to attack the ettin, however this provokes the direwolf, which suddenly turns on the leopard with a vicious attack. The ettin is killed and finally the wolf and leopard are separated.

The group finishes their trip to Skara Brae and crosses the ferry to the island city. There they find silver cloaked members of the Minax faction everywhere. They appear to be searching for something, but are not the imposing presence that the Shadow Lords were.

They make their way to the inn and find Savannah, who tells them that the sigil has been stolen by the pirate lord of Buccaneer’s Den, an island base for outlaws and pirates who roam the seas.

She advises that the group be stealthy in their endeavors and provides them with transportation to the island.

They stay the night and leave the next day, however the captain of the ship will only drop them off and pick them up at night.

They choose to land on the southern end of the island and make an hour’s trek through Jungle before making it to the edge of town. Drunken pirates are everywhere, with fighting and gambling going on everywhere.

After a brief debate, the group decides to walk into town where they are immediately noticed as out of place. Gringol finds a notice posted about nightly fights in the pits. With that knowledge the group figures that they will likely find the pirate lord there. They stop and ask for directions and one man leads the way, hopeful to bet on the new fighters.

Upon arrival, what is presumed to be the pirate lord quickly notices them. He gives the group no choice but to enter the fighting pits. After several close one on one fights without weapons, the group loses two and wins two. When it becomes Mirima’s turn, the group says that they want to fight as one, so they’re all sent into the pit, this time with weapons to fight to the death.

A close quarters battle ensues, fighting six on six. As the rest of the party takes out the other fights, the bard has hunkered down towards the back, attempting to play his lute.

As the last opponent falls as he turns to run away, Lysander plays a tune that all at once puts the drunken horde in a trance, even going so far as to catch the monk off guard. The group’s paladin Smite takes the opportunity to spot what she believes is a pouch that contains the sigil on the pirate lord’s belt and races up to grab it. Right as she gets there and grabs hold of the pouch, the pirate lord comes out of the trance he was in.

To be continued…


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