Britannia: Session 5


Smite, the group’s paladin, stands toe to toe with the pirate lord, who has just come out of the trance he was put into by the group’s bard Lysander. She must make a split-second decision about what to do as she has his pouch in her hand.

Opting for a knockout blow, she swings wildly and misses before awkwardly falling face first into the wooden stands. Right as she falls, a massive clash of deafening thunder rocks the area, easily snapping everyone out of their trance.

The pirate lord yells “kill them” before he begins sprinting down the stands to get away.

A scuffle ensues as pirates converge on group, still standing in the fighting pit. Gundor, the party’s monk, see’s the pirate lord making his exit and quickly runs him down. As the two meet, Gundor quickly stuns him with a fury of blows. He delivers a second round of blows so severely that he knocks him unconscious, possibly killing the pirate lord. (David, who plays Gundor, rolled back to back 20’s to deal massive amounts of damage here.)

Smite quickly comes up from behind and snatches the pouch before the rest of the party smashes through several drunken pirates and they all then make a run for the docks, being led by Lysander. Along the way a few pirates begin trying to tackle Smite and wrestle her to the ground, with one actually able to knock her to the ground.

Sargath quickly scoops her up and they continue running before making it to the docks and boarding a small ship. About 10 other pirates manage to board two other small ships and begin rowing after them. By now the thunder has grown constant and louder, and the wind has picked up greatly. A huge storm is moving in as the group rows towards the end of the bay.

One of the pirate boats catches up to the group and nearly rams them, with one pirate attempting to board but is easily thrown into the sea. Gringol Dread is able to figure out how to operate the sails and begins steering the boat out towards an ocean of choppy water and the storm that is headed towards them. It begins to rain.

Soon the occupants of all three boats are no longer in control of their vessels so much as they are trying to not be thrown overboard by the stormy seas. At one point Gundor loses his footing and goes overboard, but manages to keep hold with one hand of the side of the boat. Sargath pulls him back in, and after a little while longer of being tossed around, everyone ties themselves to the boat and rides out the storm.

Everyone awakes the following morning to find their ship has washed up on shore, their mast completely broken.

Gringol begins surveying the area and decides that they are somewhere between the towns of Cove and Vesper.

Lysander asks Smite for the sigil and she surveys the items in the bag before handing it over. Also in the bag is a decent amount of money, 2 rings, a bracelet, and three dice.

After studying the dice, Smite decides to roll them, and afterwards feels like she has gained some strength. Others in the party eventually roll them as well, generally feeling better about their various capabilities.

Lysander reveals that he is in possession of the two other sigils and tells the group that they must head to the Shrine of Sacrifice to purify and unite them before heading back to Britain. The group agrees to accompany him to the shrine. He explains that they must go through either the dwarven city of Minoc, or the city of Vesper. Feeling that they might not be as welcome in Minoc with two half-orcs, a half-elf, and an elf, the group decides that Vesper will be the better passage.

The group heads north and reaches Vesper by nightfall. They observe the entrances to the city and notice that black cloaked soldiers are standing guard at each entrance. As the party debates what they should do about getting into and through the city, Lysander takes off for one of the bridge entrances and tells everyone to follow suit.

The party looks nervous but follows Lysander’s cue, making their way past the guards dancing and laughing. Once in town a few people look at the group with curiosity but no one bothers them. As they make it to the bridge they must cross to leave, they notice two more guards. Lysander strikes up solemn tune and strolls down the bridge and past the guards before bowing to them and continuing on, appearing strongly intoxicated. The two guards give him a funny look but think nothing further of it.

The rest of the party passes by them without incident.

They make camp and set out for the shrine the following day. Along the way the party gets lost in the woods a few times and eventually comes upon an orcish camp. They decide to avoid it and walk around, but lose even more time as they get lost again.

Trying to find their bearings as they walk through a forest, they are ambushed by two hill giants. The group makes quick work of them though and continues on their way, but before long night comes again and they make camp.

As the party sleeps they’re awoke by the sound of trees being snapped as something makes its way towards them. They ready themselves as a frost giant barrels into camp. After a hard fought battle the giant is slayed. They rummage through the giant’s belongings and find an amulet and a ring. Settling back down to sleep, the party expects to reach the shrine tomorrow.

To be continued…


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