Britannia: Session 6


The party wakes following a night of dealing with giants and continues on their way to the shrine. They arrive and meet with both the high priestess and her apprentice. Soon after both the priestess and Lysander set to work purifying the sigils while the rest of the party makes camp.

The two sit motionless through the evening and all through the night, a solid day before they begin to move again.

It is now time for the party to return to Britain with the purified sigils. The priestess tells her apprentice that he is to accompany the party and ensure the sigils arrive in Britain. After that, he will go out into the world as a full fledged cleric, no longer an apprentice.

They make their way back, camping in the woods a night before making it back to the city at nightfall the following day. As they reach the bridge leading into town, the two guards stop them and ask that they pay a toll. Not wanting any trouble, the group agrees and is on their way. As they make it to the end of the bridge on the other end of town, one of the guards recognizes the group and asks them what they have been doing. One of the party members mentions that the other guards had made them pay a toll, and that if they needed to pay another, they would and be on their way.

This raises suspicion with the guard who then insists that the group come with him to get to the bottom of why the previous guards had charged a toll for passage. Right then the monk strikes the guard and a fight ensues, with more black cloaks headed for the scene.

They manage to knock out both guards and take off running down the road into the night with a group of guards chasing close behind. As they reach a fork in the road, the cleric turns and casts, intimidating all but one of the guards, causing them to flee. At this time the group realizes that another group of guards are approaching from the left fork in the road on horseback. They make a run for it down the right fork and a little while later make camp off to the side of the road.

During the night a blue light is seen in the distance, and at the urging of Lysander, the group travels towards it.

Walking through dense forest, the party occasionally sees what appear to be eyes looking at them from each side. As they get closer to the light it becomes apparent that they are surrounded by at least a dozen of these eyes. The group stops to assess their surroundings and the ranger is attacked as something flies by him.

The group has walked into the middle of a harpy nest. With a little help from the bard and after a long battle, the group manages to kill them all. They proceed towards the light.

Upon entering a clearing they see a magical blue aura which is surrounded by large stones.

After a brief inspection, Lysander decides to walk into the aura and disappears. The rest of the party immediately follows, and then finds themselves on the island city of Jhelom. It’s very early in the morning and the city is quiet, so the group finds an inn and beds down for the night. Lysander explains that the aura is part of a moongate system he had read about, but that it had not been in existence for quite some time.

Several hours later, on short rest, Lysander insists on visiting the moongate again. By now several people had gathered to look at this strange new aura. He stepped into the gate again and the rest of the party followed. On the other side an extremely large crowd stood nearby, residents of Britain.

The party then makes their way to meet with Joris and give him the sigils. He stands, staring at the sigils before paying the party for their efforts. He tells them to come back in a week, when he should have further need of them.

The group leaves, minus the bard, who stays behind.

To be continued…


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