Britannia: Session 8


The party finds itself in Britain, fresh from a journey to Despise where they retrieved the Skull of Greed and picked up a new companion, a rogue they rescued in the woods.

They head to Joris’ to find out their next mission and are welcomed in. Joris tells them that there is an army amassing outside Trinsic and that he needs the group to scout it out and report back on their numbers and activity. The group agrees and departs town for Trinsic.

Riding all day, the party makes their way to a river and decides to camp for the night. During the night the party is unknowingly surrounded. They awake with their attention drawn towards their right. As some of the party members venture out to see what is lurking in the woods they are attacked from the left as several arrows come flying in and several heavily armed men burst into camp.

During the battle the group notices that their attackers are wearing blue cloaks, signifying they are with the True Britannians. They yell out, “we’re working for Joris” however they get no response. As the battle continues, they yell at out again, still no response. More rush into camp, a few are killed. As the battle rages on, a loud roar is heard and a man comes flying out of the woods and lands in a heap, dead on contact. An ettin has found its way into the battle.

Most run, a small handful are unable to get away as they are bashed into the ground. In the distance an archer falls out of the tree and makes a sickening thud. The ettin is dispatched and the party heals the fallen archer, taking him prisoner for information. He doesn’t say much, only that his captain sent them to kill the party, and that he doesn’t know why.

The group makes the decision to head back to Britain and find out why they were attacked. As they draw close, it’s decided that the wizard and barbarian will stay behind and guard the prisoner while the rest go into town and speak with Joris.

Once they arrive in town, they notice even more people wearing blue cloaks as they make their way to Joris’. Upon arrival, they find there are guards posted in front of Joris’ door. The group approaches and asks the see Joris, and are promptly told to leave. The monk presses the issue, however one of the guards gets in his face and asks “what part of get fucked don’t you understand?”

The group circles the building, trying to find a way in, and see’s an opportunity to climb up the back and into a windows. The monk successfully uses a grappling hook and begins to scale the wall. As he gets towards the top he slips, nearly falling to the ground. He then tries again, making it up to the window where he hears Joris and another man talking on the other side of the building, having a heated exchange. As he attempts to enter and make his way in, one of the party members standing watch on the ground alerts that there is a guard coming, so he quickly jumps back out and they scatter.

They decide to meet at a tavern where they end up running into Lysander, who has tracked them down. He comes in and sits down at their table, explaining that Joris is currently under house arrest, but that he doesn’t know much else. He has been instructed to meet up with their party and then deliver a letter to a high lord in Skara Brae. The group agrees and makes their way back to camp.

While everyone is gone in town, the wizard and barbarian are waiting at camp with their bound prisoner. The barbarian begins to feel urges, cheering him on to kill the prisoner. Finally without warning the barbarian approaches the prisoner and before the wizard can react, he cleaves the prisoner in half, killing him instantly.

A while later everyone arrives back in camp to find the disfigured body. They make camp for the night before heading through the woods towards Skara Brae. During the next day’s journey the group comes info a clear and finds itself facing a massive hedge maze. Rather than walk around it, they opt to try their luck going through.

A few hours later they come to an exit, however right before they make it out, the hedges grow together. They decide to make their way back and are attacked by gargoyles soon after. They quickly dispatch them and are on their way. Once back where they came in, they find that the hedges have grown together there as well. They continue their way through the maze.

As they attempt to navigate their way through, they are ambushed by a lesser demon and a long battle ensues. Thanks to quick thinking and the help of the bard, they are able to slay the demon. This in turn opens several paths through the maze and the party takes this opportunity to find the first exit out.

They later make camp before pushing on the Skara Brae the following day. As they arrive they find a several blue cloaked guards on the dock. They board the ferry and make their way across where they find an even heavier presence of blue cloaks.

Lysander tells them to meet back at the inn in an hour, that he has some business to take care of. As the group explores the town, they notice a group of peculiar looking blue cloaks standing in a circle around a pillar. Placed on the pillar are what appears to be the three sigils the group retrieved for Joris.

Soon after, fireballs begin raining down on the city. The group rushes back to the inn to find Lysander. As they make their way they notice a heavy fog setting in around the island, just over the water. As they reach the docks they find Lysander who has just emerged from the inn. Moments later they hear war drums, and soon silver cloaked combatants come pouring across the water in boats, storming the docks. An all out war in ensues.

Fireballs continue to rain down on the city, however they notice a blue wall of energy rising up over the island which begins to block the ever pounding fireballs. All of a sudden bolts of lightening begin striking down silver cloaks everywhere. The group kills a few as they make their way inward on the island, but ultimately decide to head for the high lord’s home and the hope of seeking refuge.

Upon arrival they found the entrance heavily guarded and are refused entry as a war rages on around them. Blood flows freely through the streets and dismembered soldiers are scattered and piled everywhere.

The only choice is to stand with the house guard and kill the silver cloaks as they come. Combatants constantly pour down the street, many of who are struck down by the bolts of lightning, others impaled by arrows. After a while the city falls quiet, the silver cloak’s attack stopped. Lysander speaks with the head of the house guard and finally the group is permitted entrance.

The high lord greets them and Lysander hands him the letter.

To be continued…


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