Britannia: Session 9


The party has just entered the lord of Skara Brae’s keep and delivered the letter to him from Joris. The lord asks that they settle in at an inn for the night and come back in the morning.

Early the following day they arrive back at the keep and are let in. Once inside a guard moves quickly on Lysander and pins him to the ground with a sword on his neck. The lord comes in and immediately tells the party that they have a week to retrieve the dagger, or Lysander dies. Gundor the monk asks “what dagger are you referring to” and is met with a response of “you have heard what you need to do, get out.”

The party agrees to retrieve the dagger, however in a fit of anger Gundor knocks out a guard as they’re leaving. The lord holds his men back, saying that Gundor will pay for his actions.

Once outside and away from the keep, attention immediately turns to the rogue as questions begin to fly about the dagger they had previously heard about in the woods the day they saved him. The rogue explains that he does know where the dagger is and that it is a family heirloom from his own family, and that he simply had stolen it back from the lord of Cove. He also mentions that it has magical properties which could protect its bearer from fire, and that it was used to kill a dragon which destroyed his village.

The party then saddles up and heads for the shrine of compassion, which is situated in the middle of a desert north of Britain. There the rogue has left the dagger with a high priest.

Moving at full speed, the party makes it to the edge of the desert in two days. On the third day they venture into the sands and scorching heat. On their way to the shrine they are taken by surprise by a pack of wyverns which fly by and attack. The wyverns are dispatched and the group continues on their way. Soon after though they encounter an elder air elemental. Between the cleric and wizard’s summoned creatures, the party is able to distract the elemental well enough to take it down. They continue on, arriving at the shrine just before dark.

No one is at the shrine when they arrive, and after searching inside and out, finding very little aside from limited living quarters on a second floor complete with a barrel of water, bookshelf, and sleeping mat, the group decides to turn in for the night.

The following day they begin their search again, finding a small pendant with a symbol resembling an S with two waving lines running through it. They also find a book of interest pertaining to the lost lands, which includes two magical pass phrases which allow travel between the current world and the lost lands, recdu, and recsu.

After lot of failed attempts to activate anything which might reveal the unseen, the entire party decides to push over the barrel of what. Underneath the cleric quickly observes a secret compartment and brings up the dagger.

There is a brief argument about possession of the dagger between the rogue, cleric, and monk. Ultimately the dagger is given to the ranger for safe keeping.

They begin their travels back, finding the first day largely uneventful. The second day they draw closer to Britain but must make camp for the night a few hours away. During the night a wisp makes it way near the camp. At that time a voice begins speaking to the barbarian, asking him to consider whether or not he has done anything evil, and brings up the unarmed people he has killed.

This ultimately scares the barbarian, as he fears the wisp will kill him, given that wisps are only know to attack those who are evil. He immediately mounts up and rides hard out of camp, telling his fellow companions that he will meet them in Skara Brae.

The following morning the part sets out, passing through Britain and briefly checking for a guard at Joris’ home before making their way through the mountain pass and setting up camp the following evening. During the night the party’s watch hears someone approach and calls out. A familiar voice responds are Lysander steps into view. He tells them he escaped his captors and must go into Britain to speak with someone he trusts.

The monk immediately thinks of the barbarian, who has been riding ahead for Skara Brae, a town they no longer need to go to. He immediately mounts up and rides hard, catching up to the barbarian just as he is on the docks, waiting for the ferry. They manage to slip away from the docks without arousing any suspicion from the blue cloaked guards, and make their way back.

Meanwhile the rest of the party has escorted Lysander into town where he leaves them at a pub while seeking out a friend. He later returns and rushes everyone out of town where the party makes camp just south of Britain. Later that night both the monk and barbarian make it safely back to camp. There Lysander tells everyone that he is defecting and will head for the island city of Magincia, which is the base of operations for the faction group.

The party decides that they will catch a ship out of Trinsic and stop in Ocllo before continuing on the Magincia.

The following day they set out, making it back to the area where they were previously ambushed by blue cloaks. They cross the bridge and make camp for the night, then set out again the next day. On the road they meet a traveling caravan of merchants, which reports that Trinsic isn’t having any issues and is peaceful. Later in the day they come across another party of adventurers.

Comments are exchanged as the other group asks about the party’s plans and if there’s any work to be had. A few chirps are exchanged between the groups, intigated by both the cleric and rogue. This prompts a man from the other party to get down from his horse and issue a challenge, dropping all of his weapons to the ground, looking for a friendly fight.

While he is not willing to fight a man of the cloth, he does say he’ll be happy to beat the rogue. The rogue accepts and jumps down from his horse, and the two square off.

After a lengthy battle the rogue is finally done in, however his opponent is doing his best to remain standing as well. Some betting is made during the fight and afterwards they are paid up. The leader of the other group laughs and says he hopes they meet again, and would like to do a fair amount of drinking next time.

The two groups continue on their way.

To be continued…


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