Britannia: Session 13

The party arrives safely back in town and heads to free their friends who were left behind.

They explain to the king that the job of getting into the ophidian fortress is going to be a lot tougher than thought, and the rest of their party members are needed for the mission.

After some negotiation, the party agrees to do a future unknown job for the king in return for getting their party members back.

Before heading out of town, the group talks with a historian and finds out that there is an entrance into the fortress through an underground tunnel filled with water which connects from the oasis they found near the fortress. They speak with a provisioner and obtain some underwater breathing equipment, then head out.

On their way to the oasis, they notice several large creatures swimming below the sand, however they are able to avoid them.

Upon arriving at the oasis, the princess turns into a fish and scouts out the tunnel, where she finds a very large fish, which she barely escapes from before summoning a shark to kill it.

During the night the creatures swimming beneath the sand are seen again, and this time there is no avoiding one of them, as a very large worm-like creature comes up out of the sand. The group escapes into the water and begins swimming for the fortress.

The group makes their way in, and encounters a lone ophidian, however a poorly shot arrow from the ranger lands in another room, ultimately attracting around 16 ophidians to the room where the party is located.

Surrounded on all four sides and being hit by fireballs, ultimately both the princess and wizard die in battle.

All the while, the rogue is in the corner of the room, trying to dissect one of the ophidians in hopes that he can be more effective against the snake monsters. He spends the majority of the battle here before finally joining in, however on his first attack he slips and is knocked unconscious, remaining that way for the duration of the battle.

After a hard fight, the rest of the crew is able to prevail. The cleric attempts to resurrect both the princess and wizard by making a call to his god for help, however he is unsuccessful.

Two members of the party are lost, and seemingly the only way out is through the front gate at this point.

To be continued…


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